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Something BIG is coming on my Site

Hey Fellas, BWS here and today I wasn’t getting what should I put in the title… So, here it is, the summary of my blog is now also the title of my blog. Anyways, you would know that I haven’t been posting on the site for a while or, you don’t care and you haven’t… Continue Reading →

Desires: One should have? Or Not?

Hey fellas, BWS here and today, we’re going to dive into our thoughts at the ‘spiritual level’…… So, buckle up, take all the oxygen you want because THIS is going to be a DEEP dive. So, today, I and my parents were watching a video of my father’s friend which came on my father’s WhatsApp…….. Continue Reading →

Hot n Fresh post!!! Comin’ Up!!!!

So…. Hey fellas… BookWormShamit here… I don’t know why I put the title as “Hot n Fresh post…. Comin’ Up!!!!” You know… It kinda implies that it’s an announcement of a post coming up in a while…. Anyways(I really gotta stop saying ‘anyways’ after every line).. I noticed that almost every Book-Logger(Short form for Book… Continue Reading →

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