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Book Review Again!!!: Letter to The World from a Naive Mind

Hey fellas….. BookWormShamit here….. So, today I’m going to review a book which is not a Thriller or a Murder Mystery. I have mentioned it before that I am a Die-Hard fan of Thriller and Murder Mysteries and prefer reading these two genres BUT… I think it is time for a change. You would have read the title of the book from the heading and I know I’m late for this book and that it was published a while ago…. But, anyways let’s start!!!

This book is written by Potterheadaanya, who also is a blogger(I don’t even know why I had to write that… You guys knew that already). This book is a letter by Potterheadaanya to her future-self and what she thinks of the world from the Point of View of her 12-year old mind. The book starts with a beautiful poem of Rudyard Kipling. Then, the book states what the author thinks about life and shares her thoughts about what she thinks of this Generation and how she wants to improve the future of the Next-Generation. She then talks about what she really is from inside and believes that one day she will have the courage to show it to the whole world…… It is a beautiful book and I recommend you all to read it and experience the book yourself…..

Well this is all for now from my side….. This is BookWormShamit, signing out!!!

Guess the topic for the next blog post….




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