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An Interesting Post

The second post on my blog today…. Two days before, I wasn’t even getting 1 idea for a post and now it seems like I’m overflowing with ideas. I really should go to trips more often….

Well, today we are going to talk on the topic which only 20% of the people will find relatable…. Why is it so? You’ll find it out later in the blog… By the way, shout out to the 20% people(if anyone is reading this).

Today we’re gonna be talking about the people who are tortured the most in the war between coffee-lovers and tea-lovers…. The people who like both of them(I’m included in that category).

Why is it so? It’s because I still recall a discussion(more like a debate but we’ll stick to discussion so that they don’t feel bad) that was taking place last year in my class in the Lunch-Break between my friends… You see, we are a trio of friends…. And the topic of the “discussion” taking place was “Tea Vs. Coffee” and when they decided to settle the “discussion” by votes(that’s how most of our problems get settled), I was in a real fix. I saved myself that day by dodging the question but it could have gotten bad that day.

Well, this is all for now and this is BookWormShamit, signing out.


17 thoughts on “An Interesting Post

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  1. Uhh If you ask me…I would love to have coffee with a great book in hand.
    But if it’s a rainy day… tea is my go-to choice. I used to hate tea as a kid…But my sister has GREAT culinary skills.And her Tea is amazing…And YKW…I realised Tea is actually not bad!

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  2. When I realize that I was on word press the whole night
    Just reading your blogs and Aanya’s and the muffin head’s (it’s me)
    it is 5:29 and now 5:30 in morn and I am awake …
    Time for me to sleep so bye.
    Waiting for the next blog ….
    and when I am ending this it is 5:32 .

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  3. I forgot to write my views on this blog … this is noice.
    I am a coffee person (but I have not scaled my life with spoons on it ) in some situations but most of the times I am a
    A tea person (neverrrrrr)
    I hate tea and I am a Water person as I like to drink a lot’s of it daily(3L),
    Nobody of you could drink so much coffee or tea

    I forgot what to write ahead so bye!…

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